On the 14th May, 1752, a shot rang out in the woodlands around Leitir Mhòr in Appin. A man in a party of four who were riding on the track dropped from his saddle, dead. The man was Colin Campbell of Glenure, the government factor over the forfeited Lochaber estates. The only eye witness was one of his companions, who saw a man in a dark coat fleeing through the trees.

Although a fairly common occurrence in the turbulent Highlands, the timing and background of this murder could have plunged the Highlands back into open rebellion and warfare.

The murder and the subsequent legal case intrigues and shocks us to this very day - due to the trial and form of justice meted out. It was as much a warning to others as a punishment for the crime. But who was the culprit? History, mystery and folklore intertwine on this fascinating exploration of one of Scotland's most intriguing tales of murder, betrayal and flawed justice which has inspired books and films such as Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson,

On this trip we visit a number of sites associated with the Appin Murder, from a well hidden little bothy to the site of the murder itself. As with our Glen Coe Massacre tours we have 3 levels of difficulty, each exploring slightly different locations and venues. Choose from the options below to start your investigation into the Appin Murder...

The Appin Murder