Frequently asked questions

Why choose Craig Dubh Adventures?

Here at Craig Dubh Adventures we are focussed on giving the best Customer Service possible. From the moment you contact us, until long after the day you spend with us, we will support, encourage and inform you throughout. Everything we do is Tailor Made, from the date and time you wish to begin to the route and pace you wish to take. We are qualified, experienced and dedicated to ensuring you have a fantastic time out with us, whatever the weather!

What qualifications will my guide have?

For any Hillwalking activity undertaken in summer conditions, your guide will hold the Summer Mountain Leader Award. During activities in winter conditions, your guide will hold the more advanced Winter Mountain Leader Award, which can only be gained once the Summer qualification has been achieved. For Mountain Biking activities your guide will hold the Level 3 Mountain Bike Leader Award - the highest in the UK. For all Rock Climbing courses, your guide will hold a minimum of the Rock Climbing Instructor Award. Your guide will also hold a current and relevant First Aid qualification. Evidence of all of these qualifications can be produced by request.

What equipment should I bring with me?

It is important to come properly equipped for a long day on the hills. Our Kit Lists give a comprehensive list of the things you should bring along, as well as items you should carry when venturing out on your own. If in any doubt, please contact us for more information.

How fit should I be?

When you contact us to make a booking we will talk through your requirements and give you an honest description of what the terrain and conditions will be like. As with any physical activity, the fitter you are the easier the day will be, leaving you more time to enjoy the scenery and education. We will be there to encourage you along and the pace of the day will be dictated by you, within reason. In the winter, however, a good level of fitness will be expected to overcome the added efforts required to succeed in such conditions, along with the necessity to keep stops to a minimum.

Will the weather effect our day?

In summer conditions only high winds are of any great concern, although persistent rain and cold conditions may be enough to turn us back prematurely. In winter, heavy snow fall, high winds or unsafe snow conditions may deter us from success. We will endeavour to ensure that an appropriate route for the prevailing conditions will be chosen before we set out in order to maximise our chances of success. Check out our Useful Information page for weather information.

Is bike hire included in the price?

No. Your are responsible for bringing your own bike, or arranging bike hire for the duration of your trip with us. We can certainly help you organise it, but it is not included in the cost. If you are providing your own bike, please ensure it is in tip top condition as we do not want to spend most of your day fixing mechanical failures! If in doubt, take it to a local bike shop for a service beforehand.

I've changed my mind! Can I cancel?

Please go to our Terms & Conditions page for a full breakdown of our cancellation policy.

Do you provide accommodation?

Unfortunately not, however we can certainly provide guidance as to the best places to stay in relation to your planned activity. We can also help you to plan your onward journey to ensure you get the absolute best from your time in Scotland!