3 Sisters, Glen Coe

Glen Coe. It is a name which invokes images of majestic mountains, tumbling ravines and heather-clad wilderness. It is famous for its sad, almost oppressive atmosphere. And it is the story behind this sadness which we seek to explore on our Glen Coe History Tours!


If it had not been for the terrible events of the 13th February 1692, perhaps Glen Coe would not be as famous and frequented as it is today. The story of that fateful day, in which the MacDonald's who inhabited the glen were brutally massacred by government soldiers, is seared into the Scottish psyche.  

But how much about it do we actually know? There is the romance, the stuff of Hollywood, and there is the truth. And no film could ever do true justice to the truth.

On our tours we strive to seek that truth by visiting the important sites and locations in which the massacre took place. From homes to monuments, rocks and mountains - every corner of the glen has been affected by those terrible few hours.

We have Intro (easy), Explorer (medium) and Summit (hard) itineraries to suit every ability. Each of the tours will visit different areas of the glen. The history and the tales remain the same, but what we visit and see will vary - check out the links below for more info!

The Glen Coe Massacre
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