Calanish Standing Stones

Visiting Scotland without exploring its history would be like having a cheese sandwich without the cheese. The two are inextricably linked.

We are famous for our long, often bloody history. Castles, standing stones, clan feuds and struggles for independence have all left an indelible mark on the landscape and the people. And it can't be denied that there are emotive feelings when you stand on a battlefield, or climb into an ancient burial chamber, or touch an ancient, mysterious standing stone (time travel NOT guaranteed) - but how much more interesting would it be to learn their history, hear their stories and have your questions answered whilst surrounded by these mystical, ancient and often sad places?

History is our passion. It is the reason we started to explore the mountains and the wild places in search of signs of our clan ancestors. And from these humble beginnings the passion for sharing and exploring our incredible history has grown and grown.

With an enviably deep knowledge of Scotland's history, and a story tellers ability to transport you back in time, an historical tour with Craig will never disappoint. Humorous, emotive and informative in the telling, he will endeavour to ensure you learn not only about the area you are in, but also its place in the wider context of the politics of the day giving you a greater understanding of its importance and impact.

Our historical tours can be on foot or on bike, and we have three difficulty ratings for each. Click on the images below to start exploring your next historical adventure!

History Tours

Join us as we explore the terrible events of the 13th February, 1692. Learn the history, see the actual locations and listen to the legends surrounding the massacre. 


The Glen Coe Massacre

Often said to be the greatest injustice in Scottish legal history, join us on the trail of James Stewart, and learn the story of the 1752 Appin Murder.


The Appin Murder

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