Hill Walking

Hill walking is an extremely popular pastime for many people around the world. Here in Scotland we are blessed with the sheer number and variety of mountains we have. From low level, grass clad hills to mighty, towering peaks of rock - we have it all.

We have 282 mountains which are classified as "Munro's". A Munro is defined as a mountain which is at least 3000 feet, or 914.4 metres high. They are named after Sir Hugh Munro (1856-1919), a member of the Scottish Mountaineering Club (SMC), who first drew up a list of 583 potential peaks matching this classification as part of an article he was writing for the club.

He used maps and barometer readings to measure the mountains, and became a bit obsessed with it. Interestingly, there are currently 282 Munro's, but due partly to an improvement in altitude measuring techniques and a vagueness on Munro's part about the topography requirements, that number regularly changes. Ironically, Sir Hugh died before he was actually able to climb the members of the illustrious list he compiled, and the first known 'round' was completed as late as 1923 by Ronald Burn (although there is a disputed earlier effort).


We also have many smaller hills and mountains, classified as Corbetts, Grahams and Donalds - many of which see infrequent travel and can provide an incredibly stunning and satisfying day away from the crowds. 

And unlike many other countries, very few of our mountains are way marked or sign posted. This can make them both adventurous and dangerous - in both summer and winter.

So why not join us on the hill of your choice, and let us regale you with stories of the mountains and glens, whilst keeping you safe and on the right track?



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Great day out, no better way to learn than to be out and about with someone who knows their stuff and Craig definitely knows his stuff! Good craic and took away lots of knowledge from the experience!

- James C